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The Safer, Greener And Healthier Form Of Cleaning

Gymnasiums or in short Gym, what we called it nowadays are place where people can go to for physical fitness and to stay health. The trend among young adults are very popular too especially those who put priority in their health and physical appearance hence it has created the demand for such place and such places continue to grow steadily over times.

As business continue to boom and business has become more competitive, the gym or fitness studio continue to offer more value to their customers by offering competitive package like reasonable membership price, personal coach, referral bonus to the extent of offering place to freshen up, a shower room & personal lines like towel, bath robe and also gym shirt and pants.

We at eziLaundry will be your best choice as long term strategic partner to help you to grow your business. All your dirty towel, bath robes, shirt and pants, we will ensure it is wash cleanly of the best quality and smelling like a brand new. Once it is wash we will fold and iron before sealing it in a bag.

Why partner with eziLaundry?

  • Experience laundry operator. Many years in the industry.
  • Free laundry pick up and delivery. Our value added service provide great convenience to all our customer and assist them to focus on their effort to win more customers.
  • Our presence in major city. We can support your franchise business without any hassle.
  • Friendly and dedicated staffs. Our well trained staff will provide our customer the great customer experience partnering with eziLaundry.
  • Fast turnaround time. With our express laundry, we can delivery clean and fresh laundry back within a very short period time, 1-2 days time.
  • State of the art facilities. The washing machine we have allows us to manage big loads of laundry without a problem. Importantly it allows and ensuring the quality of the cleaning as well as fast turn around time. Dryer also allowing the significant improvement in our total time management of the entire cleaning process.

Call us now or leave us a message on the right contact form, we will even give you a 10% discount on your first order. Appoint eziLaundry as your partner today – for Gyms & Fitness Center.

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