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Makes Your Dream Gown Magically White

Your wedding gown is an eternal remembrance of the most special day in your life. Sure, it deserves special treatment! Therefore, you hardly take the risk of maintaining it yourself, and instead want to outsource the task to a cleaning company. There are a number of cleaners available in the market, but locating a dependable one can be extremely difficult. You need not worry anymore though. We at eziLaundry, offer extremely detail-oriented, specialized wedding gown cleaning and preservation services.

What do we do?

First we closely inspect and scrutinize the wedding gown to locate the stains and marks and other problem areas. Please inform us if there is any particular spill-mark that is bothering you. Dry-cleaning wont remove sugar stains, so we do some pre-treatment before initiating dry-cleaning process.

We use dry-cleaning using perc (perchloroethylene), if your wedding gown does not have sequins or beads and the material is silk, rayon or acetate. However, if it has beads or sequins, the gown is either hand washed, spot cleaned or dry-cleaned, using a petroleum based solvent.

If your wedding gown is of polyester, with or without sequins and beads, we use either hand wash or wet-cleaning method, using bio-friendly formulated cleaning agents.

What we offer:

  • We provide wedding gown cleaning services before, on and after your wedding.
  • We help to remove the stains that you pick up on your wedding from being permanent, (even abstract factors like perspiration can aid to destroy the delicate fabric of your gown)
  • Gowns that have been locked in closets for ages can also be cleaned and restored, with our expert cleaning services.
  • Did you know you can sell your wedding dress online? You could give the chance to someone to dress up in your beautiful gown (now that you don’t need it anymore). But it has to look white and cleaner than ever, as if it were new. Our expert professional team will help you achieve that.

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