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Experience best-in-class commercial Laundry Services in Malaysia! eziLaundry offers a whole range of efficient and professional laundry services in Malaysia – from dry cleaning, wash & fold, hand wash laundry, and ironing services.

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The Safer, Greener And Healthier Form Of Cleaning

Hotels Industry is one of the service industry supporting tourism industry as well as for the corporate clients visiting the respective location for business meeting. Many dirty laundry are produce from here from bed lines(pillow cases, bed sheets, blankets), towels, bathrobes table line to chefs wear.  There is plenty of washing and drying involve and this definitely requirement huge amount of time from the hotel management to manage this task. eziLaundry has been supporting this part of the business and has the experience and knowledge to provide great support.

Outsourcing this task free up resource and time for hotel management to focus on their marketing and promotion activities. eziLaundry offer professional service where our well trained staffs handled volume laundry washing with ease and all laundry are cleaned with the highest quality. Washing, Drying & Ironing are part of the basic service provided.

Apart from supporting the hotel industry laundry partner, eziLaundry also offer hotel guest laundry service.

Why choose eziLaundry as your preferred partner:

  1. Our experience and well trained staffs in this industry. We have corporate clients in hotel industry providing us with a wealth of experience to continue to support this industry as it is very demand and fast pace.
  2. Free pickup and delivery from your door steps. As what our company valued add service, we pick up and deliver our customers laundry.
  3. Strong presence in major city. Our presence in major city make us a valuable and strategic partners for our customers.
  4. High quality cleaning. Our quality control and steps taken at our laundry facilities ensure top notch professional cleaning quality is adhered by our staffs.
  5. State of the art technologies. We used industrial quality washing machine, dryer and eco-friendly solution to provide the best of quality cleaning for all our customers.
  6. Affordable Pricing. eziLaundry is offering the best and most competitive pricing in town. This is another reason we are well sort after by the market space to be their laundry partners.
  7. Quick turnaround. While ensuring our cleaning quality of the highest standard, we get our customer laundry in very short period of time.

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