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Keeping Your Curtains Beautiful and Fresh

A window in the interiors? You have curtains. Need to add a beautiful touch to your rooms? You have curtains. They are certainly an important aspect of our offices and households. They make our rooms look beautiful. So it is equally important to keep them clean and make them look fresh and dirt-free. We at eziLaundry pledge to provide you with the best curtain cleaning services in the industry.

What do we claim?

Now, do not think of changing your curtains, when you feel they look old enough or dirty. With our amazing curtain cleaning services, your drapes will look brand new and fresh again! We offer professional cleaning by a team of expert-cleaners. We understand that the equipment used for cloth cleaning and curtain cleaning shouldn’t be the same. You can trust that we use high-end machines and tools, that are specialised only for drapes-cleaning.

Remember, we’re just a call or an email away for all your dirty-curtain-woes!

Our method of cleaning:

Our professionals closely inspect the fabric type before initiating the cleaning process. You can be rest assured we will not damage any of your curtains or drapes.

  • Dirt-free with steam-cleaners: For heavy material curtains, or curtains that are too difficult to take down from the rail, we prefer steam cleaning curtains. Advanced technology steam cleaners are used to clean them.
  • Hand cleaning: For delicate materials like 100% cotton, our experts hand clean the curtains. Specially formulated detergents and cleaning agents are used to wash your gentle fabrics.
  • Dry cleaning: In this process, our custom formulated cleaning agent is injected into the curtains, and the stains and dirt are suctioned out that leaves your curtains clean and fresh.
  • Machine wash: For feather-weight curtains, we use our state-of-the-art jumbo washing machines to clean them. Also, personalised and harmless detergents are used to maintain the quality of your fabrics.

Our Services:

  • We remove stains, marks, moulds and other dirt particles from curtains and drapes. We believe you will be satisfied with our excellent results.
  • We wash, clean and deodorize all your curtains, drapes and fabric blinds.
  • We clean all types of curtains/drapes. From thermal-backed fabric to thermal-lined drapes.
  • It will be of great help if you leave the hooks in your curtain, as it will help us to hang the curtains, after the cleaning and drying is done.
  • We also offer free pick and drop facilities for your curtains and drapes.

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