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When we think of medical centres, we quickly relates it to hospital or clinic but dental clinic & wellness clinic also fall under this categories. In such places, cleanliness is extremely important in the medical facilities be it at the doctor office, clinic, surgery room, pharmacy center, patient’s room to washroom.

This is where eziLaundry come into the picture, we are a leading laundry service provider in this arena. Our great experience in providing top quality cleaning as well as state of the art equipment and using eco-friendly solution in our regular laundry service where the involvement of wet washing, dry cleaning as well as high pressure steam cleaning.

What we will typically do to this tough stain?

  • Blood stains: We will soak or wash the affected cloths or linen with cold water. Using salt together with the water helps as well. Organic materials like enzymes , celluloses, proteases and lipase. Some tips: unseasoned meat tenderizers are also effective if apply specially on dry blood & you will also be surprise with some dishwasher does the trick too.
  • Urine, Vomit and Feces stains: Steady cold water will be used on the fabric or we have them soaked in cold water for 5 to 10minutes. Some baking soda will also be used to remove the stench.
  • Oil based stains: Hot water is used instead to remove these stubborn stain. Some detergent will be used to assist the cleaning.
  • Liquid stains: Some solution will be used here and soak it in cold water for at least an hour(longer better). This way it will be safe the colours of the fabric.
  • Iodine stain: The fabric will be soaked in warm or hot water and mixed with enzyme based detergent for about 30 minutes before we wash it with warm water to remove the stains.

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