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Like hotel business, the quality of the linen, the smell and look are often used as the yardstick of the business standard that the hotel operate on. This is no different for restaurant operator for fine dining, café, fast food restaurant & diners, clean, crisp linens, smooth linens as well as clean chef wear create a great impressions for the visitors how well the restaurant is run and it is also a direct reflection how the operators.
Restaurants and its linens like napkins & tablecloths required regular changing as they are always in danger of getting stained. With such a hectic schedule during the operation hours, a good and a trusted partners in providing a clean and fast laundry service has become absolutely important in the restaurant daily operation. Engaging such professional laundry service allows the restaurant owners the time, energy & focus on their food quality in the kitchen. eziLaundry has been actively providing great service and is one of the leading laundry service for restaurant. This complement very well with restaurant owners as clean linens are equally important as their food is tasting delicious.
Outsourcing this challenging and yet demanding restaurant laundry service to eziLaundry, it will definitely provide a great benefits to restaurant owner where our quality, our experience and our professional service ensure that restaurants will always get their cleans well ironed aprons, kitchen uniforms, tablecloths, table runner & napkins are taken care off every time without the burden of worry. We can be easily reached at Our staff are friendly and always looking forward to assist our dearest customer whenever possible.

What can we do for restaurant owner?

  • Ensure clean & crisp kitchen and restaurant linen as well chef wear.
  • Fast turn around.
  • Free pick up and delivery of restaurant laundry.
  • Presence in major city.
  • State of the art washing equipment.

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