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Experience best-in-class commercial Laundry Services in Malaysia! eziLaundry offers a whole range of efficient and professional laundry services in Malaysia – from dry cleaning, wash & fold, hand wash laundry, and ironing services.

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What do we mean by Hotel Guest Laundry

Most hotels offer hotel guest laundry to their customers, as one of their amenities. This is done to make their stay more comfortable, by taking the responsibility on themselves, for cleaning, washing, and ironing the clients’ clothes. Some hotels have in-house laundry facilities, while some offer valet. We have a tie-up with innumerable such hotels and resorts and offer hotel guest laundry for the customers.

Avail full advantage of our Hotel Guest Laundry services

We work closely with hotels, and strive to lessen your laundry burdens, while you’re vacationing and indulging in some alone/family timeOur experts use state-of-the-art machines, and specially formulated eco-friendly detergents, to wash and clean your clothesWe also iron and fold your clothes thereafter. We ensure the process is done with utmost care and safety. We also offer free pick and drop facilities to-and-fro the hotel you will stay in.

Do call us to enjoy our services. In the unlikely happening of us missing your phone-call, do send us an email, or simply fill up the form below to place your bookings.

What are the things to be remembered:

  1. Please ensure, the pockets of the garments you provide us with, are all empty.
  2. We have given you a list of what kind of clothes we accept. Please make certain you have read each, and give us only allowable items.
  3. We charge a minimal amount of fee for our hotel guest laundry service, and the prices depend on the cloth items.
  4. We guarantee quick and efficient laundry services to you. No damage will be caused to your precious clothes. We generally take 1-2 days to get the whole laundry task done.
  5. For any queries related to hotel guest laundry, please feel free to contact us. We aim for maximum customer satisfaction, and believe us when we say, we will not disappoint you.

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