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The Cleanest And Safest s For Your New-Born Baby

Having a baby is the most beautiful thing ever. But your concerns to look after your child also manifolds. You always strive to provide him with the best things possible. One of the most important concerns that arises is, suitable laundry for your baby. You do not want to use harsh detergents for his clothes as it may cause rashes on his sensitive skin. But, you want him to wear clean clothes, nevertheless. What can be done to solve your dilemma? Well, have you considered laundry services for your baby’s clothes? We at eziLaundry, offer the best baby clothes Laundry Services in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Our Services

We offer free pick and drop facilities to gather your baby’s garments from your residence, and then bring it to our laundry centre, to carry on with the washing and cleaning process, and after it’s done, deliver it back to your address. You yourself could also come up to us to give us your baby’s clothes. Please let us know if your child suffers from any specific allergies, so that we can take precautions. Babies cannot look after themselves and end up staining their clothes to the fullest extent. However, we assure you, with our services, their clothes will be stain-free and clean just like before. Please do not hesitate to tell us, if you feel unsatisfied with our services or have any sort of complaints. We feel proud to declare that we give prime importance to customer satisfaction.

What type of clothes can you send?

We accept all kind of fabrics and all types of baby clothes including baby nappies.

We also offer cleaning in a number of packages, at attractive and affordable rates. For example, one of our highly recommended combos is called ‘baby’s got it all’ and includes cleaning breast pads, towels, nappies, cot sheets, pillow covers and baby clothes. Refer to our packages.

Give us a call now  so you can focus on your newborn baby and we will take care of the dirty jobs.

What do we use for baby clothes laundry purposes?

For our laundry tasks for babies, we use state-of-the-art washing machines, and totally environment friendly detergents and fabric softeners which are mild, keeping your baby’s sensitive skin in mind. We also offer iron services and fold your baby’s clothes after cleaning them.

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