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Salons & Spa business are two service industry that are experiencing rapid growth and has become very competitive as times go by. Salons business basically cover a few different niche segments of the consumer service where Hair Salon, Beauty Salon & Nail Salon. Hair Salon offer hair cut & styling, scalp treatment as well as hair & scalp Spa for male & female while Beauty Salon basically is a generalized service where it provide beauty related service from skin health, facial care & aesthetic, oxygen therapy to mud baths. When we talked about Nail Salon, the treatments of such as manicures (nail treatment for the hand) and pedicures(nail treatment for the feet) for the nails.

While Spa is another beauty related industry but it is more towards the general well-being of a person where body or feet massage are offered to help relax and de-stress our body and mind. However all these Salons and Spa has something similarly in common. What would that be? In these businesses the used of towel (be it facial towel, hand or body towel), blankets, bed sheet (for massage table), smocks & apron.

With such heavy usages of bed linen, towel, blankets or apron, there is a need of a reliable and experience laundry service provider for such fast moving industry. eziLaundry providing laundry service to various different industry and has all the capability and experience to service salon and spa laundry service. eziLaundry wash,dry, iron & folding all the linens and ensure cleans sheets and towels are ready in time for our customers for their business.

eziLaundry provide free delivery as well as pick up of laundry at customer convenient. Our well trained staff will provide confidence to customer the cleaning quality of the linen where they have great deal of experience to handle high volume cleaning. State of the art washing machine continue to offer significant turn around time to support customers in this high demand business. So do not let your dirty laundry piles up, have your laundry pick up for cleaning, please contact us at eziLaundry for appointment leave us a message in the right side form.

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