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Ensuring your children’s soft toys are fresh & clean

It is always challenging as parents to throw away your child favourite soft toys especially it has become extremely dirty and smelly. This is certainly not hygienic where gems & bacteria can be passed on to the little one causing sickness. We are at eziLaundry have great experience in such cleaning.
Preparation before cleaning up the soft toys, it would be recommended to identify the type of material are staffed into the soft toys where usually the preferred washing instruction is written on the soft toys tags. You definitely do not want to destroy your child favourite toys.

Give those staffed toys a bath!

  • Clearing up the dust, this can be easily done by rubbing some the soft toys with some slightly damp cloth over the surface. Depending on the type of the soft toys, it can be cleaned up using vacuum, a lint roller to remove dust and other particle from the soft toys.
  • Alternatively we also used the steaming solutions with a handheld steamer. This method also help to sanitize the soft toys. Slightly damp cloth is used before the steaming to help clear the dust.
  • The most straight forward will be straight into the washing machine where it will be wash and dry but this will be very much depending on the instruction on the soft toys tag. Stains and odour can be removed with such method. Fabric softener is used to keep the toys soft and cuddly.

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