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Laundry is a massive work

One of the household activity that requires few different process/steps before the task is completed is laundry. Laundry will require one to complete a couple of steps or processes to really consider as job done. You will need to soak some dirty white clothing to helps remove some dirty stains, then proceed to washing it either by hand wash or washing machine. Once you are done with that you will need to dry all those just newly wash clothing, either by hang it out to dry under the hot sun which you will get in most of the time in Malaysia or if you can afford dryer machine to that as well. Phew! So much to do and guess what, the process is still not done yet where you will need to complete a few more steps which is the folding and ironing/steam pressing. That’s quite a process there isn’t it?

The frequency that is required for a household laundry is determine by the following:

  • Family size
  • Age of the children
  • Type of material that need to be washed
  • Lifestyle: Activities of families like sports, outdoor activities, office, events, travelling

Just imagine that the housewife or the person is tasked to do the family laundry falls sick or away for business trip or even the whole families are travelling for a holiday, the dirty clothing will pile up massively and it will be quite a scary sight and the massive work that will be required.

I hate doing laundry. Help me out!

With the use of perchlorethylene or DF2000, dry cleaning is able to extract any microscopic particles of dirt or soil from the fabric. The biggest advantage of using dry cleaning for your clothes is that it is much more efficient at dissolving grease and grime in a much better way than water. Certain fabrics, made from fibers like wool or silk can shrink, lose color and distort when they come in contact with water. Other fibers like polyester also reacts better to dry cleaning as simply washing cannot get rid of the grime and grease. Contrary to popular belief, dry cleaning, when done at proper interval and by professionals like us can improve the life of your clothes significantly and make them remain in a like-new condition for much longer periods of time.

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