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What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning clothes that makes the use of solvents apart from water, typically solvents like perchlorethylene or DF2000 to get rid of any stains or dirt from clothing. Perchlorethylene, when run through the garment is able to extract any oils, food particles, dust particles or other type of dirt from the clothes, thereby making them clean without the use of any type of soap that can harm the fabric.

Which fabrics require dry cleaning?

With the use of perchlorethylene or DF2000, dry cleaning is able to extract any microscopic particles of dirt or soil from the fabric. The biggest advantage of using dry cleaning for your clothes is that it is much more efficient at dissolving grease and grime in a much better way than water. Certain fabrics, made from fibers like wool or silk can shrink, lose color and distort when they come in contact with water. Other fibers like polyester also reacts better to dry cleaning as simply washing cannot get rid of the grime and grease. Contrary to popular belief, dry cleaning, when done at proper interval and by professionals like us can improve the life of your clothes significantly and make them remain in a like-new condition for much longer periods of time.

Why should you opt for dry cleaning?

Most expensive clothes often come with the tag of dry clean only. One of the things that you must remember when you are buying a garment is that not all fabrics react in the same manner. Whereas some fabrics are strong enough to withstand soap or harsh tumbling of hand wash. If you don’t want your expensive clothes to be completely ruined, dry cleaning is an absolute must.

  • Dry cleaning is gentle on the clothes and ensures you don’t lose any intricate detailing that may be present in the garment.
  • With our extensive knowledge of the field, we can give you a detailed understanding of the fabrics that require dry cleaning.
  • Dry cleaning can prevent moth attacks on your clothes.
  • Removing odor and signs of any other type of damage is impossible in certain fabrics unless you dry clean them.

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